G’day All,

I’m new here and I thought there would be no better way to introduce myself than post my swing and let you know a little about me. I just finished speaking to lagpressure for a couple of hours on Skype and had to come and join the site.

My name is David Williams and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I’m a Golf Professional and coach golf for a living nowadays but still enjoy playing a few pro ams here and there. I’m married with 1.5 kids (one on the way, due in Feb '11) I have spent time with Chuck Evans in the US on a couple of occasions and love talking golf. I know a little about TGM but I’m not a devout follower… I do know what I do and what I have done to get me to where I am. If that can help others then great.

Anyhow… Hello to everyone here… HERE is a link to my swing on my website… I welcome comments, questions etc on my swing… if you think I could improve it or would like to ask questions about it to possibly help your golf then feel free. I don’t claim it to be the best or perfect swing… just mine!

PS… I grew up as a kid in the heart of Melbourne’s Sandbelt… I remember watching guys like John and Brad play at Royal Melbourne, Huntingdale and all the other tournament courses in awe… it kept making me want to practice harder to do what they did… so in essence… THANK YOU.

Hi David,
Welcome to the board…Lag has provided a fantastic platform here, and I am sure you’ll enjoy yourself here…it’s time well spent> You have a very nice website by the way, and the swing looks great.

Look forward to corresponding with you!

Best regards,


BTW…those Piranha Tour Blades are really sexy looking.If you can get’em to offer a set bent six flat out of the box, you could probably sell about 20 sets here on this forum.


Welcome David,

It was good to chat today. That’s a good golf swing. As teachers, we are still students of the game, and it’s nice to see
a fellow instructor that still gets out for a hit now and then. I really feel it’s important to stay connected to the game
to some degree as a player, because we always learn something every time we play a round of golf, and what better way to share our findings than with our students.

I always like to see those swings with big shoulder rotation but minimal arm travel. Good stuff.

Thanks Lag… I just know I am going to enjoy being here. :slight_smile: As I said earlier today… I only wish that when I saw your name on the leaderboards, here in Melbourne when I was growing up, that I had the chance to meet you back then.

and Aldear… I’ll bend the blades to whatever lie angle anyone needs. Too easy and thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

It’s funny you say that Lag… I actually work on trying to keep my body quieter but I think it is more to maintain a balanced swing and to not sway off the ball too much. I like to think of swinging a piece of string in a small circle… you can generate a lot of speed even though the centre is doing a minimal job and if the centre stays centred then the outside will travel in a more consistent circle. I don’t believe I achieve that in my swing as such but I guess it’s what I think to try and simplify my swing so it’s more repeatable for me.

I guess if I was to explain what I FEEL in swinging the golf club it would be to take my hands to the top of the backswing where I FEEL they are connected to the right shoulder. Then it FEELS like I work from the ground up on the downswing. I FEEL the pressure in my left foot first with my left knee starting the downswing. Driving through the impact zone towards the target while generating speed by driving my right shoulder down towards the ball. The last thing I FEEL is the firing of the right hand to release the club down, out and with a roll passing by follow through and into finish. I like to think I am slinging the club through and well past impact into finish.

Why do I keep highlighting I FEEL? Because it’s simply what I FEEL not necessarily what we might actually see in my swing.

My bad shot is generally a little push when I drive too far in front of the ball thus the feeling of staying more centered to reduce that. Otherwise I don’t hit it too bad :wink:

Interested to hear everyone’s thoughts


Welcome. Looks darn good. Interesting to hear what you are feeling to arrive at that nice action.
Is that the same guy …or did you lose a few pounds in the year hiatus?


Big shoulder turn with the 7 iron, but the arms aren’t going back so far. This is both a power and accuracy move allowing the torso to then load into the arms on the downswing which moves the acceleration of the whole “arms, hands, club package” closer to impact, than if the arms find themselves way back. The transition can be much more aggressive this way, and not have to be so careful.

In the second driver photo, notice how nicely the club is lagging, and the shaft coming down the 4:30 line with the clubface very open which then encourages the pivot and hands to work in unison to rotate to square up the clubface in a powerful way with a very late hit.

This is how you do it.


Given that Mass x Acceleration = Force

Do you think that as I am losing mass I will hit it shorter? lol

Thanks for explaining what I do so well. I have always had a small issue of my left elbow breaking down through impact. Some poor advice from a previous golf coach ruined my perfect swing… I have a little restriction of flexibilty in the left shoulder now. I have had two surgery’s on my left wrist and one on my left shoulder which I credit partly to his teaching. I may get brave enough to show you some damning video footage of the lesson in question one day.

I guess I am super critical of my own swing and I don’t know that having that fully extended left arm rotating through impact and follow through is achievable for me. Trying to get flatter through impact which would lengthen my left arm radius creates issues in my left wrist and rotator cuff so that is why I think I always go back to a little bent.

If you chicken wing the left arm… you are in good company if done correctly.

It’s actually a very acceptable move for a pivot that is not as aggressive as it could be post impact… so the pulling in of the left arm actually is a move to keep the shaft on plane and moving more left. This is a classic hitters move and has good intentions as long as the torso is turning at a acceptable rate. You will really see this on less than full shots…
Ultimately it’s a fight against CF.