G’day all,

I’ve been lurking here a while, and seeing who is doing what.

I’ve got a question that hasn’t been covered as far as I know though.

What is everyone using for whipping? I’ve used various things, but none of them were perfect.

I’m also interested in colours other than black. A blonde with green socks, redhead with blue, brunette with white… :sunglasses:

only in black, but here you go…

cgi.ebay.com/Golf-Club-Whipping- … 2c53123bb9

I have a wood that needs some whipping. I have this on the way(although it’s been a few weeks waiting so far):
cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll … K:MEWNX:IT

and I have seen this as well which I might try:
wisecraftcreations.com.au/cr … s-belfast/
tandyleatherfactory.com/sear … nen+thread

but… does anyone have any other sources or suggestions for whipping persimmon clubs?

I have some wood woods that I would like to fix up a bit. A question about whipping: After the whipping is wound onto a club, is it then finished (e.g. coated)? If so, what substance is applied to it, and how?

Whipping should be the last thing put on the club other than maybe the grip. No need to do anything else. Do your refinishing first… then whip.

Oops. I meant to ask whether or not the whipping itself is finished.

yes, it is fine just as it is.

OK. Thanks. The reason I asked was that I vaguely remember putting some new eyes on a fishing rod years ago, and this job reminded me of that. I did apply some sort of laquer after I was done with that project.