Which set? FG17s, Hogan bounce soles or 35th anniversary?

I have the chance to buy one of these sets, fully ABS’d.

I’m leaning towards the Wilsons but any help is greatly appreciated!

My preference is for a compact head, thin top line & muscleback design.


Hey Craig,
I personally am a fan of the Fg-17’s, pretty much the 1st older forged blade I hit a few months back, since i was a kid.
Since that experience I found this site and have found a home at ABS !
Those are early 80’s gear and are not considered truly vintage gear by some.
For my eye they set up nice and have a pretty small and compact head and fairly thin top line- that really
requires some concentration of forces at impact, which ABS training help you accomplish. Haven’t hit the others but do occasionally
play a set of 93’ Hogan Apexes and like those as well!

hope this helps!
good luck