Where can you find hosel pins for vintage irons?

Title says it all - I am looking to replace the R-flex shafts on the Power Thrusts I just picked up (they are the original Ben Hogan True Temper shafts and grips from 1962) and would like to know where I could source some hosel pins. I realize that you can reshaft without them, but I do not think it would look right to have epoxy coming out of the hosel holes.



I bought some grey putty type stuff at a hardware…whack the shafts in let them dry in place and fill the holes with the putty…even with overflow… it sets and can be finely ground down with 000 steel wool to match the hole perfect. It fills in well and looks similar to the hosel in color and looks like a pin anyhow.

As for finding real pins… I have no idea where you would begin to look except for old club repair shops


I actuallyn just found some 1/8" x 12" rods on a hobby website that I could cut to length. Do you happen to know if they were made of stainless steel or aluminum? I would guess stainless steel.


It certainly isn’t necessary to pin irons with the modern epoxies… but if you choose to go the real authentic route, I can assure you the pins are not aluminum. Just make sure you rough up the tip of the shaft going into the club with the edge of a file or something similar so the epoxy has something to grab onto rather than a polished smooth shaft.

I do a lot of reshafting on old stuff. I use stainless steel rivets for the pin. Just cut off the portion you need.