What is that Euro noise?

What is that melody the Euro crowds fall into at times during the Ryder Cup.

It’s like…Olay, OlayOlay…Olay…OlayOlay. What in tarnation is that , where did it come from, and what is the purpose of it other than to show that the Euro’s are tone deaf. :laughing: RR

It sounds good to me… :wink:

It comes from the Irish World Cup song of 1990 rat boy.


Was adopted by the yerps for the Ryder Cup. As Ted said, sounds good to me too :smiley:

We might be tone deaf, but we can always recognize the sweet sound of success :smiley:

Thanks for the match!

Considering that we Euro´s hadnt had too much opportunities yet to cheer as a european crowd due to our short history, i guess we are still in the experimenting phases of how to cheer correctly for Euroland - and from time to time it might sound a bit odd. But as we go along from victory to victory we´ll learn and evolve into a more united crowd :smiley:

Just finished watching the Ryder…can’t believe Mahan chocked the rooster with that chip. Now Hunter…ball back, toe down, and accelerate the ball into the cup.

Anyway…good match!

This would be a cool Medinah response for you Euros.



Heh it’s far more musically advanced than ‘U-S-A…U-S-A…U-S-A…’


I was a bit confused in one of Luke Donald’s matches–seemed to be Boo Weekley type boo’s. Anyone catch that?

They’re shouting Luuuuuuuuuu for Luke Donald…

Medina will be the US trouncing the Yerps…for sure!! :sunglasses:

Wowzers. Every son of Gaul just got their knickers in a knot… .

They’ve been chanting that at Montréal Canadiens games since WAY before 1990. It’s a sure way to yank the Anglos chain… .

And when I first heard it, at a soccer (er, football for our Euro readers) game in Lyon in 85, I ask my (then) wife about it. She didn’t know from whence it came, but it was part of her childhood memory, something that was always there.

Pretty sure it was spawned on a football pitch in Marseille or Toulon… .