What is an 11-iron?

Hey guys,

What exactly is an 11-iron? Does it have a modern-day equivalent? My set of m85t came with 2-9 + 11. I originally thought this was in lieu of a PW, but there is also an m85 PW, so I became confused. Thanks in advance for any information.


Most where considered double duty… fairway or sand… but I would say they might serve best as a gap wedge.

I move mine around from time to time… as of now I have my PW at 50 degrees with little or no bounce… a gap at 53 with little or no bounce and a 56 degree SW with a significant amount of bounce and set up much more upright in lie angle.

What was normally the loft of these from the factory? I haven’t tweaked mine yet and I don’t have my own loft-lie machine. Thanks!


Hard to say really but you should definately get them checked.

Sets with an 11 iron sometimes bridge the gap by having a 9 iron with really weak loft.


Thank you for the info! Do you happen to know if a PW existed for the original m85 series? I’d like to find one if they’re out there.


Looking at the Kaplan catalogue.

It would appear that sets were sold 2 to 9 iron with an optional wedge of your choice -

Double Service - split sole
Sand Iron
11 Double Duty
Double Trouble

No mention of a 10

Guess the set i worked on, someone had bent the 9 iron to fill in the gap, there was about a 7 degree gap between 8 and 9. Worth getting them checked, they are almost always all over the shop.

I have an old iron from the storage shed with “88” stamped on the sole. Don’t know if it was a double stamp 8, or what. I’ll get a picture of it next week hopefully and put it up. I am curious as to what it is. :slight_smile:

Not to hijack my own thread, but since we’re discussing that fact that many vintage sets don’t come with a PW, what is everyone’s favorite PW to use in their vintage sets?