What Equipment did Moe and Knudson Use?

Does anybody know? I get the feeling Knudson probably used Hogan equipment, but Moe before ‘Natural Golf’ is something I’ve always wondered about.



Don’t know anything about Knudson, other than what Lag said about them being flat.

I tried a few times to find out about Moes clubs; I heard that Moe didn’t really have a normal set, just a random selection of clubs that he had tinkered with, lots of lead tape. E2 or maybe heavier. Driver like a tree trunk.


Moe had a set of “Golfcraft” irons if memory serves me right… and I know they were always giving him accuform irons too, as that was a Canadian company that went under a few years back… but they made interesting stuff that a lot of the Canadian Tour players used like Jean Louis Lamarre and Dan Halderson.

When I saw Moe a few times in Florida he was hitting the Lynx forged Parralax that Couples sported for a while and a no-name set of persimmons, I think the driver had a Buffalo Nickel in the soleplate but if there was a name on it I think it had worn off.