What do you think?


I stumbled on this site. Thought your guys might be interested!

I saw that before, it’s more techno light crap with a huge price tag and a bad attitude…

I deleted that site from my favorites on your sayso! :smiley: Does anyone have any idea what the heaviest forged head are out there. I look at Lag’s specs, specifically the overall weight, and there does not seem to be anything out there head-wise that comes even close with a 125g steel shaft and cord grip. The overall weight should be the starting point, no? Then, start tinkering with the purpose of swing weighting? Does anyone have much experience with tip weighting?

That’s the whole problem, there isn’t anything. If you find a new head made for an X400 shaft let me know, but nobody has seen it. Just as well by me, I don’t want to spend 800 on heads. I’m about $1500 in setting up one good set where the 2-W only cost me 100 bucks.