I need some help here, just played Vista Valley CC down here in San Diego County today - played with a couple of pros from SDCC getting ready for the Senior Qualifier. Never saw the course before but brought out the classic sticks (MacGregor 1 and 4 woods and some Hogan Apex blades). Long story short; I wasn’t at all that far behind the boys hitting the frying pans BUT on the 18th (565 par 5) I tried to muscle up and pipe my driver, ended up watching the head fly 70 yrds into bushes ahead of the back tees - snapped at the neck, I could see the screw patterns where the sole plate screw was. I was hitting a ProV1x all day - what ball should I be playing with??? I don’t want to have a barrel of drivers sitting around and as you all may know, it’s hard to find one that feels good. Any valid suggestions would be mucho appreciato!

I’ve started to play the Wilson Staff Duo.

It feels softer off the persimmon clubs than Titleists I’ve played, and I don’t see any distance being given up. In fact, on Saturday, my teeshot on the first hole (at the famous Mare Island track) with my newly refurbished PowerBilt Citation persimmon, went a grand total of 285, according to where the blue tees are and where the ball ended up related to the red-100 stakes. Yes, I’m counting roll. :sunglasses: Nonetheless, it was flushed, crushed, and felt like a peanut butter sandwich.

I’ve tried out the Nike RZN White. It still feels like a rock though. I like the Titlist ProV1 over the RZN White.

Thanks for the input guys, guess I’ll chalk it up as a fluke and drive on.

Mr. Hackalot,

I would suggest that there was probably a pre-existing flaw in the persimmon that broke. Maybe a hairline crack or previous patch - how old was it? I’ve played ProV1 with persimmon a lot and I find it plays great. As long as you find the insert most of the time you shouldn’t have any problems. If you are getting a new one I suggest a Cleveland Classic from the 80’s. They’re cheap and will hold up against modern balls just fine. The AL44 comes with a gamma fire glass insert that won’t break. TC15 is a good model too.

NorCal you got my interest piqued. I may have to try this ball out. The reviews I read talk about it being a less-spin type of ball, but I like the softness. The RZN White did seem to spin a little more than ProV1, but I felt like I got better action from the Titlist.

Mr. LipOUT

Thanks for the input, will keep my eyes open. The condition looked tip top on the one I blew up, I guess you’re correct, there probably was a flaw somewhere. Hit 'em straight!

Did you manage to save the head? Maybe I can salvage it for you. Send a pic and I will let you know. Mike

Thanks for the offer, didn’t save the head as it was sheared in 2 and that which remained on the shaft was splintered pretty bad. Just time to find another, I can take solice in the fact that I only paid a dollar for it on eBay, shipping was 15!