What are your top 10 persimmon driver wish list ?

I created a thread on another site asking this question. So I pose this question to the board here.

My affinity to persimmon woods led me to covet MacGregor woods made in the late 40s and early/mid 50s. These are my top focus. There are some other woods, including some modern made persimmons I would like to acquire one day. Here is my list of top 10 persimmon drivers (actually top 11) I want to base my collection on.

1954-1955 MacGregor 945W
1949-1952 MacGregor 693
1953-1955 MacGregor M85W
1953-1955 MacGregor M09 LFF
1949-1951 MacGregor M43T
1941 MacGregor Tommy Armour HSW 4393
1954 MacGregor Toney Penna WW/WWT
1954-1955 MacGregor Toney Penna TP/TPT Special
1953-1955 MacGregor M75W
1953 MacGregor 945W
Wood Brothers Texan

The drivers in bold are drivers I have had/or have in my collection. The drivers underlined are drivers I currently own.

The rarest of these drivers is the MacGregor Toney Penna WW/WWT. This was a custom order in 1954 (not sure about 1955 as it does not appear in the MacGregor ad found in the Kaplan book). This might be the end all for MacGregor collectors other than a gamed driver from a big name PGA touring pro (and I am talking some big time pro like Hogan, Demaret, Armour, Nicklaus, Nelson, etc). I have had most of the drivers (some sets) that make up my list but sold/traded some of these before I fully understood what I wanted in a collection. If I end up acquiring this list (say with the exception of the WW/WWT) then I will focus on my next tier of persimmon woods. Some will be MacGregors but there will be a Cleveland or two in it, a Hogan or two, a Powerbilt, and maybe a Wilson (to pay homage to Sam Sneed).

That said, what is in your list of top 10 persimmon drivers for your collection. Thanks in advance.

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I’ll take some pics of some of my favorites I own… and post them shortly…