What about Laminates and Women's persimmons

  1. Just a quick question to see if anyone is using the laminate woods or women’s persimmons. I see that there are a lot more opportunities with laminates because they made them long after the end of the persimmon woods period.
  2. The women’s woods seem like they are available and I’m wondering about if they are generally flatter then the men’s clubs…?
    Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

With the abundance of persimmon available at any moment of ebay etc… not sure why anyone would prefer a glued together strata block of laminated wood layers. Some were made better than others, but to my hands, a strike into a solid block of persimmon beats the feel of a laminated block.

The Louise Suggs MacGregor blocks are some of the best they made as far a head shape. Even some of the touring pros back in the 50’s and 60’s played Suggs blocks with men’s shafts dropped into them because they liked the head shape and feel of them.

Ok Lag - I’ll focus more on the Persimmons then the laminates. I was doing some reading yesterday and found that the Louisville Company did a lot of Persimmons for many in the 1980’s for the more common golf companies that we are all so familiar with. I recall Hogan, Wilson, Spalding and Tommy Armour being mentioned. So I guess I can look at those for options.
Like others I sent a note to Louisville and asked if there was a possibility for custom lies. Everyone here will know were that question is going. I expect that their wood building/turning system is mechanical and set for a given lie. It’s worth a try though as I’m trying to do one now which is quasi-dispensable if I mess it up. I know it takes time a patience and knowing that others have accomplished the task gives me the incentive to keep trying.

I looked into Louisville a while ago. If I remember right they will do a custom lie angle for 50 dollars or so. And you may want to ask about a custom shaft because I think they use TT lite shafts. Good luck with the search

Yea, thanks for that bit of info… I sent them an email but haven’t heard back yet. Just trying to keep some options open. Yet I’ll try and keep working on the one no name brand persimmon I managed to find. The glue didn’t get all the way down in the bore and it ended up with an air pocket. I didn’t notice it till it dried.