What About Byron?

Should we not be studying Byron Nelson’s swing just as much as Hogan? Everyone knows his prowess with the driver, long irons, and wedge. He was practically unbeatable when he was “on” and he basically dominated his peers until he retired. And here’s the other thing, Nelson was known not to practice. Once he mastered his move, he didn’t have to practice to maintain it. Why did great strikers like Hogan or Trevino have to hit so many balls?

agreed. some obvious and beautiful mod 2 de-weighting going on.


True…Nelson has a great action
there has been a lot of discussion and picks about his swing in the pages here…just not as much as Hogan and Trevino

Nelson didn’t seem to work at it as much because he wanted a ranch and to retire…which he did…golf was not his life–which can not be said for Hogan or Trevino-- both of who would eat a golf ball if you served them one on a plate at dinner time