Welcome to Advanced Ball Striking Forum!

We are excited to have moved one of Golf’s greatest websites into a new cutting edge platform. A big thank you to Paul Van De Loo for web design and organizing the new teaching platform for ABS 2.0. To Justin Tang for revitalizing everyone and bringing ABS to new social media platforms. Neil Gascoigne for working with both new and long time students and showing us all the possibilities of how much ABS can benefit golfers at all levels. A huge thank you to William Hanisch for migrating the worlds largest classic golf site to this new modern and fast interface we can all now comfortable enjoy from the interface of our choice!

Along with the massive database of knowledge being preserved, founder John Erickson has re shot the ABS Module instructional videos into an even more powerful teaching platform we will now refer to as ABS 2.0.

ABS is for anyone who magically finds their way here into this treasure trove of golf swing knowledge, conversation, community and the amazing rich history of the game we all love.

Welcome to Advanced Ball Striking and enjoy!