Weak post impact

If a player slots the club nicely on the 4:30 line but doesn’t have the guns post impact … what is the typical miss?

I know that a rush from the top is usually a hard pull.

Is weak post impact movement just a fade?

When I don’t turn it typically goes right. In my swinger motion pre-ABS, I could flip and hook it.

I ask because I’ve really tried to slow my initial downswing to about 60% effort and hope that my mod 1-2-3 training subconsciously take over from the 4:30 line.

Yesterday, my round consisted of like 99% fades which is unusual for me. Swinging at 60% effort from the top really helped avoid the pull.


Seems right. My perception is that it takes forever to get to 4:30 from the top.

The transition can’t happen slow enough. If your at 60% and still fading. Think 30% speed on the way down. Almost like your arms are in a pool of water pushing down. Once you get to 430 (with hands out and down). Accelerate to the finish with pivot and forearm rotation. The key will be feeling like your left shoulder is low. And body is facing the target. Hands will be high like the classic hogan finish. Drill 430 starting point to mod 3 over and over. With a ball or without.

I would possibly look at your grip as well. Might be too strong.

A shot to the right… however, if the body compensates by just throwing the right arm at the ball and flicks the hands… other unpleasant outcomes could be expected… including hooks.

I think I’m safe. I think it’s just that I’m a tad bit slow from 4:30 to the finish.

No complaints because the consistent ball flight is better than the occasional hard left.