Watch "ABS my Stealth" on YouTube

Wow. Talk about zero offset in those irons. :grin:

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Very cool @NRG!

I have done some tinkering as of late with modern meets ABS (on my driver) - going down a similar path that you have. Currently, using a 45" SIM, with 10x Ventus Black (+/- 105g - I should have saved the money and gone steel) - heaviest shaft I could find.

I’ve added 30g butt-weight and 20g head (back weight) - I may have adjusted the slider weight from stock as well (hard to keep track). Anyway, over 400g (14.1 ounces) now, with a D-5 swingweight.

This thing is a tank but only relative to what “normal/modern” feels like. It’s been fun to hit (because you have to “hit” it ;)). I’d like to see how shaft flex looks - I need to take some video. Also, it still feels long, so may cut to 44.5/44".


I just set up an account with Golfsmith, (called something different now) for my workshop supplies.

Looking through the catalogue and pricelist, it looks like they don’t do a steel shaft with a .335 tip anymore. :astonished:

Very had to find anymore. Value Golf sells one and I recently purchased a few of these. You have to tip them a bit to get the right stiffness because it’s a R/S combo shaft, but other than that they work okay. They are very affordable, but don’t know if they ship to the UK.
They’re also heavy, the raw weights of the 3 I ordered were 137-139 grams before trimming (listed at 135 on the website but they run heavier than that).

The other reasonable option is to pull shafts from old clubs.

I guess it’s logical. Who is going to be messing around with .335 steel shafts anymore??

All Driver & 3 wood shafts are graphite now, hybrids are .350 tips (I think).

I have a few in stock, but they will run out soon enough.

This is on the Stealth head, it turned out to be 45"…love the hit! No distance, but I only hit 3 balls because i didnt miss it. Go figure. Next up, original SIM head

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Love your commitment to improving the Stealth to ABS standards. Interesting that the steel shaft reduces distance on you initial tests. Good luck :+1: