WANTED: '71 Wilson Buttonback 4iron

If anyone has a spare '71/'72 Wilson Buttonback 4 iron lying around I’d love to take it off your hands. Any shaft, doesn’t matter… I just need the head.

Thanks guys…

you didn’t lose it on the course did you?

I wish! That would mean I was playing golf, lol. My local muni opens today actaully, a good sign that spring is around the corner… hopefully!

I bought a set off ebay, 5i-PW… BUT

I’m like Dr. Frankenstein with golf clubs, and this was a bad winter… so I need the 4 iron to replace my “5 iron.” Confusing but follow me here. I have a set of S400 shafts that I’m going to hardstep twice. Comparing loft vs. loft, this will bring my Dynas into the same specs as my current gamers (actually they will be 1* stronger)… same length, but more stiff than my S300’s and heavier, too. I’m buying a metal stamp set and I’m going to stamp the “new” club number next to the original. Paint fill the new number and voila… instint gamers!

Now, do I stamp roman numerals? Stamp the lofts instead of numbers like Ryan Moore? Plenty left to decide, lol!

I was able to find the club through www.clubfinders.com…. what a great site. They didn’t have the club I wanted listed on their site a week ago so I put in a request. They just sent me an email saying they found two of them and I can pick which one I want.

I looked all over the internet, every day, and couldn’t find anything! Keep them in mind if you’re struggling to find a specific golf club.


Thanks for the tip, I just called clubfinders and found the Ben Hogan Bounce Sole 9 with Apex 4 shaft that I needed! Was kind of fun to hear them rooting through all the clubs. :smiley:


Nice find Pinzer! Just out of interest how much did they charge for the single iron? Obviously I understand its got to be at a premium. I have a set of MacGregor 67s by Nicklaus that has an 8 iron missing so I might give them a call.

Cheers, Arni

I don’t know what year this one is but it is cheap and hopefully the one you are after…
cgi.ebay.com/Wilson-Staff-DynaPo … 8536QQcmdZ

Thats a 69 Dyna, very nice but looks like Pinzer is sorted through that site he mentioned earlier.

They charged me $29.95 plus $10.00 shipping. Considering I paid $16.50 for the set I’m still doing pretty good.

There’s another set of '71 buttonbacks on ebay right now… I may just buy them for the heads

:smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: Do it, Buy them, You know you want them, Do it, You deserve it :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: