Want to buy: Nice set of classic irons

I’m looking for a nice set of classic blades. My plan is to send them to John for the ABS makeover, so I would prefer to buy either the heads only or something with a nice set of X-100s already in them that could be pulled and re-used. I’m not too picky about the model, but I do want them to be in “newish” shape with a fairly low profile. If you have anything that you’re trying to sell please respond to me on the forum, by private message, or by email. Thanks.

Have u already looked in the Lag bay? John has a bunch of nice abs irons for sell.

Lag’s “ABS ready” stuff is the way to go.

Was hoping to get a nice, cheap set of heads and provide my own shafts to save a little bit of money. Then all he would have to do would be weight and bend them.

i have some hogan percussions that i think are 1966 with the longer hosel that lag would like for bending.

i bought them to put new shafts in etc, they have old grips old regular shafts etc. heads are in good shape just
need some polishing etc. i can post some pics later if you are interested in them.

they are a nice blade but they came with a little offset which lag would have no problem fixing. i not taken
the shafts out yet as they have pins and have not had much time to work on them.

i would let them go for what i paid for them off ebay which was around $55 bucks.

PM sent

check your PM’s



This is how it works for us putting out clubs… We just offer this as a service to ABS students since no companies make gear as heavy and flat as I suggest.

We buy a vintage set of irons $50
Flatten $100
Weight $100
New shafts $100
New Grips $40

We sell most sets between $400 and $500… so believe us… we are not getting rich doing this!

The only way to save money is to do a lot of this work yourself… but things like removing offset is really a tricky skill that
is not so easy to teach. Most anyone with a work space can do the other stuff.

Fortunately Mike has all the right tools and can get things done much more efficiently than I can. It takes me a week to put a set together when I do one for myself.

I really suggest just saving up and buying a set from us… because you can be sure it will be set up perfectly, and all the work will be done right… and we guarantee the stuff if there are any issues.

If you are on the east side of the pond, NRG can take care of you over there, UK, Europe.

I own two ABS sets from John and they are top notch! Classic blades that are flat and heavy with zero offset! :smiley:

It really molds you into what John is teaching us here in the Module training. You are what you wield!

I have a set of Hogan PC’s bent to ABS specs. Apex 4 shafts. Also Redline 88’s Apex 4 and many other sets. I have been collecting for years!