Waggle and milking the grip

I have a son who used to have a duffner type waggle and like to hit high fade biasis irons
This year his game is different and notice that he is starting to milk his grip Sergio style and striking the ball lower with a draw biasis Scoring seems to the same Wondering what you fellows feel about this new setup routine regarding milking the grip
Should I encourage him to go back to his waggle as I think he was more confident striking the ball higher flight

Milking the grip has it’s pros and cons. I’ve seen many fine players do this to get comfortable or release nervous tension.
I prefer not to do that because I like things to feel the same as much as possible, and not complicate things. It’s more of a bad habit that can be fixed. I think the best cure for milking the grip is to learn to rapid fire golf balls so you don’t have time to milk the grip.

I think the most valuable lessons I learned from all the years of watching Moe was his love and ability to flush golf balls like he was releasing a machine gun magazine. It takes the conscious mind out of the equation and really exposes ones technique… good or bad.

You mentioned how Moe hit shots really fast without thinking. Is this what you always did when you played tournaments? I agree that hitting shots fast without thinking about anything shows you exactly where you are with your technique. But were there ever times where your technique wasnt where you wanted it when you were swinging with no thoughts, so you decided you would hit it better if you were focused on something?