Vintage MacGreger Tommy Armour Silver Scot 985 irons, flat, heavy, stiff

Preferred by many great players. 2-W, Stiff True Temper shafts, Tour Velvet grips. These have been flattened 5 degrees, and progressively swing weighted D6-D9 ( see below). These are ready to play.
$145 plus $35 shipping.


Price reduced
$125.00 plus shipping

Masters Sale
$110 + shipping


Are the club still available?

Thank you.

Yes, the clubs are still available.

Fathers Day sale!
Now reduced to $100 plus shipping.
These are nice, vintage blades and have already been flattened, and swing weight adjusted ( see chart). Tour Velvet grips.

I purchased two other vintage iron sets from “Eagle” back in April 2024.

His sets of irons, which he had collected and setup for ABS specs over the years, are superb sets, good shape, classic and well worthwhile sets of irons. Eagle has taken very good care of his sets, what he offers for you is always going to be honest, well taken care of, and worthwhile.

I would purchase them myself for this price, but my “better half” has clearly laid down the law that my existing twelve sets of vintage clubs are “Enough!”

If you have an interest in classic, vintage, and extremely playable MacGregor irons from the classic era 1950-1952, set up to ABS specs, this is a excellent deal that you’ll be very happy you took advantage of.

No relationship to Eagle, just a happy customer for whom I’m grateful he passed on two of his other legacy vintage iron sets to me at a very fair price, for me to carry on and cherish and play, for years to come.

Any idea how much to ship to Victoria, Canada?

I do not know. I have only used UPS, and they charge by size of box, weight of box, and distance.

If you are interested, I can take them by UPS next week and get an estimate. I am in Newnan Ga, if you give me a shipping address that will help.
Thank you for your interest.
Bob ( eagle)

These irons have been sold