Vintage irons for sale...

I want to sell two sets of vintage irons, but before I list them on ebay I figured I’d offer them up to a happy home here at ABS.

Should I list them in the “Equipment” forum, “Public,” or some other place?

Hi Pinzer

I would suggest the Great Equipment alerts thread as the natural home:

Pics are always good + details on shafts, condition as well as a price as well.



Thx… I’ll list them there now.

I am selling a set of Hogan Apex PCs. 3-E with Apex 4 shafts. Heads are in 8ish out of 10 condition. Grips are Winn, but are starting to peel in some places…4 out of 10 condition on the grips. I would like to get $120 shipped via PayPal. Feel free to make offers.


Pressurepoint: interesting as I’ve been looking for a set of these. Are you in the US? Are you able to ship to Europe (Italy)?

Are these still available? Would you consider $100? Any chance they’re already bent flat?

Sorry LipOut, they’re in transit, on their way to Italy… :sunglasses:

Nicely done Teddy…give em a few whacks into the impact bag for me.

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