Video Camera. Introduction.

Hi Bradley -

I joined the student population about 5 hours ago. The first tool I need to acquire is a video camera suitable for the work I will be doing in this program. Lag emailed me that you have a Casio video camera, but was uncertain as to the model number. Please advise the model number at your convenience, together with your recommendation. FYI - I am not keen on spending a fortune on a camera. Thank you.

By way of introduction - played for years - quit for years - started again - want to become a gifted striker of the ball - ready to move from being a passive hand player to the Lag approach - and look forward to your help in getting there. Goal: to shoot my age.

Cheers, Chuck (Slide4ever) :smiley:

Welcome Slide4.

Here is a link to a topic about this very question…there are a few great insights from many of the students as well as myself about cameras and tech details etc
Good luck getting started…enjoy the journey to better golf through the ABS program

Twomasters: Subsequent to my email I browsed the site - a bit of your history - I feel very fortunate to have stumbled into this forum and very excited about the prospects for success - it is extraordinary for two men with your proven talents in this game to expend the time and energy a forum of this type takes - constant attention to multiple A-types. Thanks. Cheers :sunglasses: Slide4ever.

FYI: I ended up purchasing a Flip camcorder - seems to be doing the job and the price was right. :smiley:

i would highly suggest a casio FC100 camera.ask lag about my clips if you don’t believe me!

agreed. my FC100 is great and i had the same response.

So I’m intrigued - whats so great about the clips - the super slo mo stuff? Is it pretty easy to work for the average technophobe? And is it made of persimmon :smiley:

Cheers, AA

Arnie,its so so easy to use the casio and its also alot easier for lag to check out the module work you send him.they are fairly cheap also for such a packed camera and worth every penny… i’m sure we can persimmon 1 up for you but getting it back together after going flat maybe a problem! :smiley:

While the slow-mo is awesome, I’ve just sent regular 30 fps 4:3 files to Lag for my videos. My guess is that it’s largely a comparison between watching videos on youtube vs. video files emailed direct to Lag. But with lots of sunlight (even through windows), the fc100 video looks great!

Actually I’m glad you brought it up x-man. I’d be interested to hear from Lag if slo-mo helps him evaluate our progress. I used to send slo-mo, but now just regular camcorder video as I’m guessing he is more intimately familiar with the drills at full speed. Slo-mo somewhat masks rhythm and over-accleration. Normal speed video is far, far quicker to upload/download too.

I don’t know if slo mo is necessary for Lag or myself to get an in depth look at what’s happening in the swing. If you know what to look for it can be seen with the naked eye.
I like to use it on my Casio just to show people/players who I am helping in slo mo so it is easier for them to see what i am trying to tell them and use it as an explanation tool.
So more for their/the students benefit than mine or Lag’s I am sure but sometimes the slo mo helps us focus on more than one thing at once- like Kenny Perry’s left foot when he swings which really I would never have noticed much until I saw it really slowed down.