Vaction Time, Persimmons and Johhny Apple Seed

Good Day All,
Wanted to share a bit of my experiences as my vacation winds down and prepare to re- enter the “real” world.
Spent 4 days in the Central Coast , CA…this weekend playing Morro Bay Muni track, cool Links course in Paso Robles,Chalk Mountain in Atascadero and finally Dairy Creek in San Luis Obispo, and gotta couple more rounds planned home here in So Cal. before Monday. Needless to say MOD work was a bit slack this week, but I will make it up !! :laughing:
I really had been spending time absorbing Lag’s challenge to us all as ABS’ers to promote the preservation of the games heritage and talk up the challenges, rewards and in all enriching experiences of gojng the forged/ persimmon route.
Needless to say I had more than one interested on looker as I socked my Toski Driver and Citation 4 wood down the by ways of these tracks and shared with those in my group and more than few others as we waited our turns at bat…Sure I had my share of detractors and rolled eyeballs, but I also , thorough the wonders of smart phone tech. I emailed the ABS link to a few that seemed interested and had some great conversations with a few sages that were famiIar the equipment I was bagging. All of which agreed the old gear of the past was better and the game as a whole a much different place than it is today.
Hell, I even managed to get my buddy to start bowing to the 4:30 line! :wink: I sure am smitten with this journey and plan to keep up the revival in So Cal. whenever I step to the tee!
Also included a few pics of my first refinish job of an ole’ beat down Citation driver that I rescued from the pound … She’s far from pristine but already had an x100 in the bore !! Can’t wait to get after it tomorrow and continue my campaign!
Bye and keep the faith all!

pb b41.JPG