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Should the USGA be getting involved in golf course architecture? Apparently they are acknowledging a problem. Is this really the solution?

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The new bunker is 60 yds short of the green to the right, why would this make a layup more difficult and encourage going for it in two? Surely if you were to lay up you would leave yourself more than 60 yds, especially on US Open greens. My bet is this not one player will hit in this thing for the whole week.

IIRC, 17 plays uphill and the fairway cambers left to right. Plus I think the green complex requires pinpoint accuracy on your approach if you’d like to make a birdie…Therefore 60 yards away might be ideal location where the full LW/64 might halt right next to the pin.

Gee with that kinda of thought process for improving things.

Looks what I did. I’m sure Da Vinci would thank me and say it made things more “exciting”.

Boy, those beautiful eyes needed a third one because two wasnt’ enough.

That smile… If one is good, two is twice as good huh?

Don’t worry, next year I’ll have even more “improvements”.

The USGA and R&A are just about worthless at this point. Neutered lapdogs that don’t even know what the hell is happening around them.

Nick Price from a recent interview:

I might have to sue Nick for plagiarism! Surely he has been reading the ABS site :laughing:

But I am glad to hear more of these great players coming out and speaking their minds.

While I am sure the USGA is claiming Merion proves the problems with golf are not gear related, I would disagree because I am sure if those guys where hitting persimmon, blades and balata out there, the scores would have been even ten shots higher… unless of course the players reworked their swings and games to learn to play the great game correctly.