US Open Local Qualifying Groove Requirement....

If I want to play in the US Open Local Qualifier, do I need to meet the “2010 Groove Requirement” set by the PGA Tour ???

Email the USGA and tell them what you got in the bag…

Simple answer is yes.

Same as Open qualifying here in UK.

Amateurs can continue to use ‘old’ grooves except for in elite amateur competition but even that is until 2014 (I believe)

If you are playing in a USGA or PGA event then you have to conform to their rules.

Here’s the official list of conforming/noconforming clubs btw.


The database only has current model clubs in it right now. Somewhere in the endless stuff I saw that all clubs previously OK’d that were manufactured before 1999 are grandfathered in. I’d still fire off an email to make sure. There’s not any reason to put every club every made in that db…

If they can do it on ebay for cars…so can they do it at the USGA

It’s really hard for me to believe they have any interested in protecting the game at all regarding equipment.
The stuff they have allowed over the years is beyond belief.

And now they are going to make an issue about the sharpness of the edges of groove down the the micrometer?


U Silly Golf Association


Maybe they could throw their program through a spelling check before updating their database.

I think I see a volunteer… See you in about 50 years, that’s how long it’ll take. Have fun.

Lag you don’t play golf with golf clubs? Now that’s a handicap.

Simple answer NO!!

I talked with the USGA and they said that in the local stage of qualifying for the US Open, the conditions of competition grooves
rule will not be enforced. But, if you get through the local qualifier and play in the regional qualifier, you will have to have clubs
that conform. Since the Senior US Open only has one qualifier (I believe the Women’s Open Qualifier also) the COC grooves rule
will be enforced.