US Open Champion Jack Fleck interview by Vic Wilk

My old traveling pal Vic Wilk caught up with Jack Fleck for this rare and special interview on his show “On The Fringe”
You will not want to miss this fascinating interview with Jack, who as most know, was responsible for one of the greatest upsets of all time defeating Ben Hogan in the 1955 US Open at The Olympic Club. … erview.mp3



Also wanted to congratulate Vic on his low medalist qualifying for the USGA Senior Open to be played at the historic Inverness GC coming up in a few weeks. Vic has also been instrumental in hosting the TRGA Las Vegas Classic in January and is a co founder of the TRGA.

That’s exciting. I’ll be watching to see how he does. I imagine he has a great collection of old lefty gear. The interview will be great to listen to in the morning.

Jrich–Last time I played with Vic he was sporting one of Mickelson’s old persimmon drivers…(Cleveland Classic…I believe it was)…looked great…if you ask nicely!!!

I might just have a set of vintage Spalding Model 28’s LHed…
The 28’s are universally accepted as the primo Spalding release for persimmons.

Let me have a look around and I’ll see if I can unearth them. I remembered them sitting pretty
flat “stock”. They would need new shafts and grips and a refinish.

Not trying to dangle a carrot or anything! :sunglasses:

Let me know if you find them! I have been searching long and hard for quality lefty persimmons. I’ve already picked up a few new (old) iron sets, but I’m lacking in the woods department. I found a guy on golfwrx with quite a stockpile of lefty “good stuff”, and he’s gonna let me know what’s available for sale soon. He had some really nice Mac stuff I’d only seen in right handed.

I have some old leather grips I just cut off those old righty Kro-Flites I have. I have been saving them for something special, such as a set of persimmons. I’m also getting ready to buy some x100’s for a set of wilson staffs I’ve had forever, so I could pick up a few wood shafts too.

And I’ve refinished a guitar neck before, so I’ve always wanted to try a persimmon! :sunglasses:

Just a bump to remind all to have another listen to this great interview my old touring days roommate Vic Wilk did with Jack Fleck. Not many people can say they beat Hogan in a US Open playoff at The Olympic Club. Pretty incredible.