US Open 2012

Just wanted to kick off this thread with some photos I took last year @ Olympic to get in the US Open spirit.

I was fortunate to play with 2 members who couldn’t have any nicer as I was playing tourist snapping a few pics. My wife came along for the experience didn’t intend on playing but the 2 members insisted and she enjoyed herself too. The members both said that you hardly ever get nice blue skies for photos and near perfect weather to play Olympic.
The members have recently said that the regulars who frequently shoot in 70’s have stopped playing the Lake Course because the fairways are too tight and the rough is too penal.

I’ve got additional photos if you’d like me to post some more…The landscape is primarily on a hill sloping down from the clubhouse and as you can see from the pics it’s a little hard to tell what’s level out there. I just loved the trees that frame the holes.
15th Hole sm.jpg
4th Hole 2nd shot sm.jpg
8th Hole from Clubhouse sm.jpg

Here are some more
3rd Tee sm.jpg
The Driveable 7th sm.jpg
18th Hole sm.jpg

A few more
14th Green sm.jpg
8th Hole sm.jpg
2nd Green sm.jpg

Ok after my “extensive research” (looking online when I was bored and needed a pick me down) I’m calling my shots:

  1. 1, 3, 7, 8, 12, & 16 are gonna be totally worse and really stupid now
  2. The poa is gonna be back in patches & the USGA is gonna spray paint it green
  3. The usuals will still complain about 18 green but now because its too flat
  4. Bubba will knock an iron on 7 at least once
  5. If it stays dry at least one of the 3 pars will have a higher raw stroke avg than 7, a par 4; I can’t iimagine that’s ever happened before
  6. Once again no one will dare mention SFCC, the best course on the peninsula by a mile & always has been
  7. Bubba goes for 18 every day, goes 5-5-6-3 & the birdie cements in his mind that he played it perfect all week
  8. Playoff!! 3 Man Playoff!! Nobody breaks 75 in said playoff
  9. Rice-a-Roni cracks O/U 6.5 for the week
  10. Totally needless Jack Fleck forced comparisons O/U 24 for the week

Because he apparently will be a guest there this year, i’m taking over 24. O/U 20 of those will be by Johnny Miller

First, I would give anything to play there. Looks awesome. Second, I am really looking forward to watching a PGA event again since the Masters. Should be a grueling weekend. Last time US Open was there Lee Janzen won it and Payne Stewart took 2nd (EVEN was the winning score with no one under par!). Hoping Manaserro gets some TV time.

I see Tiger REALLY in the hunt and a good shot at winning this. Only TWO par 5’s? Two holes he will need to pull driver on? Rest of time he will just use 3w and his 280y 2i “stinger”, keeping it below the wind. The way he was striking it last week on approach shots (didn’t have his first bad double cross until Saturday I think Flado said) he should do very well here. He shot +10 there last time but was a raw young whipper snapper still.

I also predict Mcillroy misses his FOURTH cut in row!

Rory is playing St Jude’s this week, so it would be his 5th if he stinks it up this week and fails in the Open. Less Wozo, more practice Rory…

There’s always another golf tournament next week, she’s a keeper. Hopefully not a striker.

great pics mashie, i appreciate you posting. i’ve been to sf on business a handful of times and never caught that kind of weather.

i always enjoy visiting that city, so much to see that i never have time for golf…some day…

must have been a great time

So let’s cut down the trees and use photos from way back… not showing that they actually planted trees. Make the course more wide open and easier for the modern pros to spray the ball all over the lot and give them more options to hit the greens from anywhere… rather than force them to actually hit a specific shot and test their skills properly.

At a minimum, I wish the USGA would stay in Far Hills NJ and stay out of California for good.
I’ll be sucking on ice cubes all day to keep my blood from boiling over in my veins.

In other news, the R&A have decided to take out the heather and bunkers in all future British Opens. They tend to disrupt the purity of the game and force the player to use course management and hole strategy. No player shall have to endure any hardship brought upon them by errant shots or bad mental judgement. It is at odds with the newest PGA slogan of bomb and gouge, “These guys are good.TM (but not that good)”.

A plea to the Pope to ask God to not have any winds on those days has been placed to help the poor professionals.

Eisenhower, even from his grave, still has hope that the Eisenhower tree may be cut down at this rate.

Early reports are coming in that the rough, or lack there of, is very thin and sparse and shouldn’t cause too many problems for players to wedge it out onto the greens. Good luck to all of those playing the San Francisco Cup. Yawn

Taking out the Xmas trees was the BEST thing they did at the Cal Club. The friggin place is in Daly City not the middle of the Muir Woods. The way they obliterated Cal was by making the green structures psychotic and making it nine miles long. Guar-own-tee same deal at the Lake. You played it and raved
Didn’t you notice the trees were gone and it ain’t a giant bog anymore?

I will watch until i see the first shot from the rough stop on a green. Should take about 3 mins


First of all everyone knows its gonna be stupid and suck, someone us posted two days after congressional. I’m over it already. been over it since before last years British. Another one bites the dust. Second they took out the Xmas trees not THOSE. THOSE are still there. You ever play there? How many pairs of golf shoes have you destroyed there wading thru the fairways? Its a unique case, its Olympic, its weird and different, always has been always will be. Now its weird & different and bombered out like everything else. Shit happens. Wait til next year at Merion, that’s where Hogan hit that one iron. It WAS 6500 yds. That’s gonna make congressional look like a great tournament.

Yeah I’ve heard some bad things coming out of Merion, Mike Clayton recently visited there and said some of the holes have been made stupid long. Doesn’t really matter though, guys will be hitting wedges off Hogans plaque on 18.

What do folks think about “marque pairings” like this? Is there a case for some engineering of pairings or should the chips just fall where they may from a real draw?

Interested in others thoughts?

Cheers, Arnie

I like rolling the dice/spinning the wheel/cutting the deck/drawing’um out of a hat…or let the chips fall as you say…brings the element of fate/destiny into the story.

Like the song I Take My Chances says…“cut the deck right in half, I’ll play from either side”


and I thought this was an interesting read