Through a bit of time travel and a few days of LTLGM being buried by the hand of one man…

This thread has come out the other side of the wormhole, and has been officially UNLOCKED :smiley: on October 14th in California

AT 3:06 AM San Francisco time… :sunglasses:

Fantastico…sounds like some time travel machine!

I can see I was gone too long from IGOLF…didn’t even realize a schism happened. It’s certainly a shame that egos and agendas seem to always get in the way of great communication. I’m glad the full discussion found it’s way here.


Excellent! I worked my way through the whole thread and was sad to see you shut down like that Lag… looking forward to learning more…



[size=150]IT’S ALIVE[/size]

Which one are you Two? I am going with the second pic as you have a few years on Lag! Plus I think the first picture was taken just after Lag blew his elbow out with that power drill gun :open_mouth:

He’s definitely the second one. I checked my historical photo archive and found undeniable evidence.


I should never have brought that trophy onto the set!

Congrats, Lag on getting the Iseek thread active over here on your site. For those regular iseek readers who may have wondered why I stopped posting, it is because I was blocked from doing so over there by Guru because I wrote two very mild criticisms of TGM. I very much wanted to add to the discussion the past couple of months as it heated up and the unfair criticism of Lag by Dart and Guru and a few others continued to peak. Iseek advertises itself as an open forum but it is anything but that. As Guru made very clear to me in an email message, it is a TGM site and he will not tolerate any criticism of his Holy Yellow Book. My response was “…well then you should call it TGM Australia or something similar”.

Lag, keep up the great work and truth-telling about the golf swing and how best to learn it here on your site!


Great to see you around again BP. You always brought something fresh to the table and kept your cool as much as possible.

Thanks, Steb. It is really great to be able to contribute to a true open forum that does not censor!

I read this post and understand much more about the two self appointed judges of the swing. It is very sad that some people fear knowledge so much that they prevent others from finding it…

Welcome Pippolo,

Glad you found your way over here. A simple “google” of “lagpressure” will get you here. Paul not wanting us on his forum anymore is one thing, but denying my request for a simple post that we have moved to a new site lacks diplomacy from any angle. With the significant following it developed, it would only seem appropriate for even the passive reader. I have been receiving a steady flow of emails from supporters who often just enjoyed the banter over a cup of coffee in the morning.

Taking what he thought would be the last post, then blocking it… a bit shocking and unprofessional to say the least. There won’t be that kind of censorship here. Respectful postings I’ll consider a given.

When this thread is ready to die, it will die, fine… but not by the blood of one man’s hands. We are alive and well, thank you!

We trust and appreciate your open no censorship approach to this forum. But as we all know “power corrupts the mind” so I plead to make a list of the “NOT TO DOs” as a host for future reference. No offence intended, just sick of intolerance.

No intellectual censorship!


I like the minimalist approach where there are no rules. Unless you break them.

Thanks LagPressure,

Good to see the Lag thread alive and kicking!

Hi Lag
Good to see what you have done here. Interesting collection of know faces.
As mentioned in my email I will look and read on most topics and see how things go.