Understanding Offset

Why have woods always had face progression. Not sure if I worded that correctly but why is the face in front of the center of the shaft in almost all woods?

Even in non offset irons ….the face of woods is clearly farther in front of the shaft than in irons.

The centre of gravity is still behind the shaft on a wood. Offset on an iron moves the GOG back to increase the shaft kick when it releases.

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I can totally see and feel the offset in the Haig Ultradyne II irons now.

Do these cheap Executives (by looking at the photo) have offset? I gather a bit but a lot less than the Haigs?

I’ve held and hit these. They have offset and are not great. I wouldn’t recommend them. Haigs are much better clubs

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This cast over the hosel trend must have been popular for half a decade. I think these are what I am looking for!