Understanding Lagpressure's swing


I have never seen your swing in “real life” so I only know your swing from this swing video.


A few questions.

At the start of the downswing, you appear to start the downswing with a Hogan-style pelvic shift-rotation movement, and shortly thereafter you start to release PA#4. Do you believe that you are releasing PA#4 with your pivot-drive action?

Secondly, at what point in the downswing do you activate/release PA#1?

Do you have any centrifugal release action involved in your release of PA#2, or is it totally under the control of the release of PA#1?


Chr!st on a bicycle, Jeff…sign up for the program and you’ll find out everything you need regarding intentions, methodology and technique! Seriously, it’ll transform your game and you can get some serious insight into what we do here.

Captain Chaos

Captain Chaos

I am not participating in this forum in order to seek a “new” swing technique. I am very happy with my present swing-technique options.

I am intellectually curious about swing mechanics/biomechanics and I want to increase my general knowledge of the various ways that a golfer can successfully swing a golf club. John has a superb golf swing (which I could never emulate), and I would simply like to acquire a greater intellectual understanding of its underlying mechanics/biomechanics.


Why not Jeff
Before I met John my dream was beating him in our first game and I did for all of the first two holes. :laughing:


I have far too many physical disabilities to think of swinging like John.

However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a strong intellectual interest in understanding his fundamental swing mechanics/biomechanics.

My major pet hobby interest is learning about golf swing mechanics/biomechanics.


From your videos Ithought you are in pretty good shape. I like to think of John’s method is considering all possible varaitions and then picking up the most physically demanding one. There are quite a few eye openers: like bringing a maximally open clubface into the slot; try it, its not easy and immediatly the next chanllenge is to fire it into a square position without touching the ground first (its that shallow an entry) and that is just the beggening of the hard work. The hardest work is still ahead. Watch Knudson, in my opinion he does it better than any body.


If prot doesn’t mind using his models as a guide…it is really inspiring stuff to see the different shape his swing has undertaken since joining the ABS program…anyone can do it and to quote Hogan from his Five Fundamentals Book
" The degree of improvement his game will show will vary with the quality of each individual’s application. By continuing to practice and apply these fundamentals, the golfer will continue to improve his game- quite often, far beyond his fondest dreams."
At Advanced Ball Striking we aren’t into magic potions and quick remedies… it takes work and diligence…but when you work on the correct things- it is all worth it and you won’t ever have to run around aimlessly looking for the next potion to drink to get the cure you are after

Jeff, I also suggest you look at this video which is awesome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWF4o_4Ogyk
Regards your question about the pelvic shift rotation - we learn this in module 2 and we are not thinking of it in that way - in fact it is something quite simple but very effective - however, I should really let Lag explain it, but this is an example of how something looks different to how it feels. Starting the downswing in the way you describe is something I tried to do based on what I saw of the pros, but I could never do as it felt awkward - now it really does feel very simple indeed, but requires a lot of drilling to make it natural.

On your other questions, I’m fairly sure Lag has explained all this in his thread over at ISG which has been copied here.

On the physical limitations part I’m with Jeff. If my Orthopedist saw that left knee action he’d take my clubs away. It’s scary good but I don’t need a fourth surgery. Anatomic and joint limitations are very for real for a lot of us.

History has shown us that we don’t have to straighten the left knee going through impact…
Knudson, and Moe are classic examples of great swings that worked their pivot into a flexed but
firm left knee.

Mine straightens from years of TGM work, which I am trying to tone down these days to increase my
ground pressures longer.

In the module #4, I discuss this in detail about what our options are, and the pros and cons of going either way.


Think I finally got you nailed down with how you are doing your lag. Excluding all the pivot support and acceleration, etc, I think Michael Hebron nailed it when he said we are mislead by thinking of a wrist roll over versus what you are doing which is having the wrists at waist high (P4) bending left of center. Thank you can I go to the head of the class? :laughing: BTW, page 108 of The Inside Moves the Outside by Hebron has a great picture of Hogan sans roll over. Thanks RR