Under 11$

Wow! Just got these (missing a 7 iron) for under 11! Hoping i got something good? Pic in Ironfinder says that they are 69-70 Bullet Back? Would that be correct?

ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dl … OC:US:1123

i almost bid on those this morning, your welcome! :mrgreen:

those were really nice, glad they went to a family member ha ha.

i hit some thrift shops today and got a penna macgregor sandwedge that has been hardly hit for
$1.91…i’m not sure where they come up with that price point but after tax it was $2.07.
the leather grip is in perfect shape and feels awesome.

also got a gene sarazen strokemaster putter that looks like a cross between a hockey stick and a butter knife for $4.

all in all i picked up 4 clubs with leather grips for under $20.

That’s funny! Thanks for not bidding! :slight_smile: I thought it was 2 ez…now i have to find the 7 iron…this is addicting and I am just starting mod 1 soon!! I can’t hit these yet!! LOL!! Already have mac /nicklaus mt vip’s and the same driver and 3 woods! Now i’m looking at hogan irons but have no idea…very confusing…pc or pc apex…is it the same? Lord, I have to stop!! Wife will kill me!


Nice! Thank you!

Sweet buy Triggerfish. You will love those dynas!