Unbelievable ball striking stats for Scheffler

Scheffler’s Tee To Green Stats on the PGA Tour this year are off the charts. It’s too bad his putting isn’t average or we could be seeing a record breaking season. What is it about his swing that is creating these unbelievable tee to green stats? Anything specific you all can see?

  • His foot slide is evidence of great ground pressure and a really good looking post impact pivot.
  • Any other thoughts?

Driver swing:

Irons swing:

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A pro who is taking advantage of modern day tech. Impressive ball striker. Kinda ugly looking swing. I wouldn’t really copy it

Probably hits it out of the center nearly every shot and has great face and path control. That plus good swing speed. Those are the ingredients for dominant ball striking.
Not every effective swing is as aesthetic as Hogan’s. See Moe, Byron, Trevino, Nicklaus, etc… They all look different but were tremendously effective.
So, I guess I don’t glean any particular insight watching his swing, but there isn’t always an obvious reason on camera for why some guys are great. Fred Couples is fun to watch, but I can’t make any sense of how he does it when watching his swing in slow motion.

Very true. I was just thinking maybe there was an aspect or a move or something in particular he is doing that is separating him from the average tour strikers. He seems to carry some similar traits like the greats. He likes to shape his shots both directions, and changes trajectory quite often. Maybe a bit of old time game in modern day tech?

That makes sense. I think you’ve already pointed out a couple of key things - he engages the ground well and seems to have a good post impact move. He isn’t dumping everything at impact.
Certainly an interesting action.

He gets very wide with his arc in his backswing, that’s his key.

Jack Grout, who was Jack Nicklaus’ swing coach from his childhood and throughout his 18 majors, had a list of fundamentals when it came to the swing.

One of them was to get as wide as you can in the backswing, to the point of delaying wrist cock almost outright until the downswing with the feet and legs start before the club even finishes the top of the backswing.

That’s why you see Nicklaus with such a delayed wrist cock action in his backswing, it’s for width.

Look at the backswings of both Nicklaus from 1980 and Scheffler this year in face on view, both leading the tour in the official ball striking stat. Other than a front heel lift and flying right elbow from Nicklaus, Scheffler is pretty darn similar.

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He’s a heck of an athlete with a great frame - that said, I’d love to see Scottie’s hip/torso/shoulder speed from just before impact to end of follow through (or end of range of motion).

Even more importantly, his club face closure/rotation rate post impact.

If anyone has such KPI’s vs. some kind of average, I would be very interested.

Lastly, I find it incredibly fascinating that he’s striking the ball better than anyone since Tiger - off the charts good, yet his footwork and finish positions get scoffed at… you all (golf media) think he just has 10x better hand/eye coordination than the average pro? If so, why not drain every 5-10 footer he looks at them too?

Copy the pressure, you’ll get the footwork and closer to the ball striking or Scottie.

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