True Temper Shaft Questions

Shaft Experts,

the past few weeks i have been pulling shafts from various clubs to put into older irons that need something stiffer. luckily
anything i’ve accumulated has tended to be tapered tip. I’ve got quite a few now probably 20 plus shafts or so that vary between S300, S400
and the True Temper Plain Dynamics that are found in early 80’s clubs.

My question is this: can i make all of these co-mingle in the same set of irons? ie, can i make the s-300’s play like s400 or x100 simply
by tipping them or if i tip too much will they no longer fit? also, what is the difference between the 1980’s dynamics vs. the more modern dynamic
gold? the steps in the shafts look identical.

in all my years, i’ve never tipped irons much, always played s300’s straight up.

thanks in advance

The way the DGs work is that all the S’s are the exact same flex, the difference is the weight. The higher the number the heavier it is. There’s only 3 flex options, R, S, X and they are basically the same shafts as the old Dynamics, only the Dynamics had bigger dispersions and discrepancies with the weights shaft to shaft. You can do anything you like mixing and matching, who can really tell 3 grams of difference between an S300 & an S400 anyway? I can tell the difference between an S3 & X1 and between an X1 & an X4 but that’s about it… Be careful though that you don’t hard step or soft step them unless you want to and do that consistently throughout the set or every club will have a different trajectory and it’ll get really wacky.

thank you for the insight lcdv. i knew the weights were a little different but i did not know the flexes were the same in
the same letter designation. good stuff.

i have a couple sets of rifle shafts that i could put in old stuff too but it just seems wrong to me. like a graphite shaft
in a persimmon, or an acoustic guitar plugged into an amp…