Triggs Memorial in Providence, Rhode Island

Here is a fantastic Donald Ross Muni in Rhode Island. (I thought I lost these pics, but just found them, lol). I discovered this 2 years ago while spending a lot of time in RI one summer. This place is a golf factory, booked solid all the time. They even schedule outings on weekends! Your best bet for a tee time is an early one during the week. If you play after noon, your looking at a 5+ hr round from what I heard. This is one of my all time favorite tracks and its 100 percent old school golf. I grew up as a kid playing Salem CC another Ross course which I worked at, and Triggs has that same feel throughout some of the course. Its a dynamite Ross course and a few years back the owners put a ton of money into it after it had done way down hill. I heard years ago some of the tees had matts to hit off. Can you imagine that? I’ve played it 3 times and the condition of the course is outstanding for the amt. of play it gets.
Lagg, you would be all over this one. Greens fees are 37 bucks for walkers!!! I wish I lived a little closer, but its a 90 min ride for me. I hope to play it a few times next year with my persimmons. Hope you like the pictures.

One of my favorite holes is a very reacheable par 5 double dog , left then slighly right. You have to carry a drive about 235 if you want to cut the corner over the bunker.
Triggs downhill par3.jpg
Triggs_reach5 2nd.jpg
Triggs reachable5.jpg
Triggs 10th fwy.jpg
Triggs 9tee.jpg
Triggs 5 green.jpg
triggs 2nd green.jpg
Triggs 2nd tee.jpg

Sweet looking track, Freddie, thanks for the pics. If you get out there again, I wanna hear how one of your Wood Bros played out there!!

Happy New Year!

Nice.-- I really miss seeing and playing these courses where position means something and there are backdrops to aim at and trees to punish the offline shots