Trevinos clubs set up

I know that this has been discussed here briefly before. But I find it interesting how Trevino described his lie angles in his book.

To me that reads that they were all the same lie angle (if we go off 1/2 a degree difference per club as being standard). Maybe the older sets had a one degree difference not a half? I think I might have read that somewhere and that might explain it.?? :confused:

Robbo posted a year or so ago that he bumped into Trevino and asked him if his clubs were flat and Lee just said that they were 3 degrees flat if I remember correctly.

Of course, I now have a set of blades set at all the same lie angle. :laughing:

Hi Guys. I am am an Aussie Golf professional working at Bent Tree Country Club in Dallas. I played college Golf at the University of Houston 1991 to 1994 and a have been long time lurker on this site.
Many thanks to Lag and Two for all that they share here. I have learned a lot that has helped me as a player and a teacher.
I could not agree more with all they teach and have become an avid tinkerer of Persimmon and Blades. Awesome stuff, again thank you.
One of my good friends is the Director of Instruction at Preston Trail Golf club in Dallas where Lee plays. He had some good insights into Trevino’s Gear. He confirmed it is very flat and covered in lead tape. He said Lee is not overly concerned with actual specs and just bends his clubs until they fit his eye. I believe that I read that Lag pretty much does the same thing.
He also said his set is the most mismatched hodge podge looking set you have ever seen. He said it looks like a bag you would find at a garage sale.
He gets to play with Lee on a regular basis and said he is still an incredible striker.
Lucky guy. I am still fishing for an invite to play with them one day !!!

Hmm… Sounds like you could be right that starting from 5i through wedges they all were the same lie angle. Whatever his standard for a 5 iron is. About a month ago I saw that Moe Norman also had all his irons set to same lie angle (standard 6i).

All the same lie angle for your irons would mean your long irons play more upright (as Trevino said in his book) and then play progressively flatter towards the wedges. This would be the opposite of widely implemented standard that clubs get more upright through the set as you work up from a 3i. So the ONE lie angle for the set would mean different planes at impact for each club whereas standard progression tries to get equal “effective lie” because clubs also get shorter in length.

Maybe these two interchangeable best ball-strikers of all time were on to something? Curious how your experiment goes. I might try the same…

CF is going to tend to raise the hands some through impact with the longer clubs, particularly for swingers… but hitters can hold or fight that off with a bit of strength and preserve the flatter lie angles. I can see how that kind of progression could work well though.