Trevino interview from Golf Digest … ee_trevino

Fantastic interview.

One of the most insightful interviews I have read in the last few years, thanks for posting that Andrew.

Very interesting that he thinks that ‘rolling back the grooves’ opens the way to roll back other equipment changes…maybe then we may see professionals hitting long irons into par 4’s again! In some ways, its mainly us amateurs that get to experience the real challenge intended by golf course architects.

I played Merion earlier this year and was reminded by my host that I had exactly the same shot that Hogan had into 18 in the last round of his major win there. My playing partner, the son of a colleague, playing off scratch had an 8 iron in some 40 yds further on! In some ways, I felt sorry for him that he missed out on the intended purpose of the architect.

Thanks so much Styles

awesome interview—great stuff