Training aids for putting

Does anyone have any recommendations for putting training aids?

The best looking ones I’ve come across are:

The Putting Arc

Stan Utley’s Learning Curve … uctCode=LC

The Sheriff

The Sheriff looks like it’s definately the most difficult to take to the course for practice and the Putting Arc Deluxe Model looks like it’s the most attractive/well constructed of the bunch. I’m a fan of putting “on plane” and using an arc stroke…basically like a small full swing. Maybe just using a picnic table bench would be best for working on the putting stroke? Any reviews of these aids or other recommendations are appreciated.

I like the Dave Pelz green reading trainer. The putting Tutor I think its called.

i like the putting arc and have used it for years. i’m a big fan of getting that face fanned on the backstroke. the bigger wooden one is better as i recently got the small travel one and it doesnt feel the same.

I’m with you on letting the face open some and the putter coming a bit inside… then returning into the ball. It sure seems to roll the ball better, especially on less that perfect greens… which always inspire me to just hit the ball closer to the hole! :sunglasses: