Tradung FST shafts for MacGregor Persimmon & blades

Several years ago, I bought a set of 9 FST 125gram steel shafts for $74.18. These shafts sat in my basement new in the box, as the right project never seemed to come along. Several months ago, I traded the shafts for a Titleist Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 2.5 putter. I never actually used the putter on the course.

Today I traded the putter for a Macgregor velocitized EYE-O-Matic driver, and a set of Macgregor MT M85 Colokrom irons, 2-PW. These clubs have the original TT Dynamic steel shafts in R-flex, which is perfect for me. They are the re-issues
from the early 1980’s, which is fine as I am a player, not a collector. The irons have Golf Pride Tour Wrap grips, which is my favorite.

Needless to say, I am thrilled to turn one unused putter into 10 clubs which I will play next summer!