Torso Rotation

The flatter the rotation of the torso, the faster the left shoulder is moving away from the ball in terms is actual distance. If the shoulders are moving steep through impact, you are not maximizing the potential of #4 accumulator. This is why it is not uncommon to see a short in height golfer bomb the ball a long way (Ian Woosnam)… especially if they have wide shoulders genetically. Broad shoulders would be the genetics of choice… tall people for basketball, small people for horse jockeys!

Lag, when you talk about “flat rotation” or “flat shoulder turn” do you mean maintaining the spine angle of address in the downswing, or do you mean standing relatively erect, or both? In other words, can a golfer that bends over a lot, have a flat shoulder turn?

Does having a flat shoulder turn mean that the free ride down is more important so as to get to the 4:30 line?

I am talking about the shoulders moving more horizontal as compared to vertical.

Getting the torso more erect at address is of course helpful. Some players like Mac O Grady increase their knee bend at address to achieve this… although that can also be done on the downswing.

Well, that kind of makes sense doesn’t it?

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Since CF dictates that the ams want to swing perpendicular to the spine - doesn’t that mean that as your shoulder turn gets flatter you are going to have to fight even harder against that CF throw out by clamping the arms against the body even more aggressively?


Realized something real important today. Been having mixed success with Form 1 and it finally occurred to me today why.

There have been small remnants of a TGM swing effort mixed in with Form 1…which is a trainwreck in terms of matching dynamics, but there can be some degree of trapping it if one does it often enough. But why bother…

If the shoulders have any degree of vertical or rocking, action in them from the top with Form 1…the R arm has no choice but to straighten early. In order to save R arm, the shoulders have to move real horizontally and fast- and by default, it’s saved. It’s like Hardy’s one-plane stuff but without that R-arm action from the top that he speaks loudly about.

Turning level, which saves R arm is the way to go.

It reminds me of Karate Kid II. In the last part of the movie a crowd of people are spinning these tamborine type things with beads attached on both sides by strings…my torso is the tamborine and my arms the strings. :laughing: RR