Tommy Armour, some quick tips


Tommy shows us not to roll the clubface over post impact. As Trevino also said… “keep the clubface looking at the target a little longer”.


Tommy shows us how to save our back and finish in an upright posture fully rotated with the shoulders.

Tommy shows us the importance of getting those shoulders fully rotated on the backswing. As Hogan said “rotation, rotation, rotation”. This is the first one we need to fully embrace.

Tommy shows us not to fear cupping the left wrist at the top. Notice that the right wrist is more flat. This opens the clubface and is half of the equation for properly working the club through transition. The open face gives us the green light to hit hard and rotate level though impact without fearing the ball flying hard left.

Working from open to open I call “the magic trick” When done properly, the ball flies straight consistently because the golf swing becomes the responsibility of the body rotation and not a flick of the hands through impact independent of torso rotation.

A Martial Arts master would call this striking from the core, Chi or Dantien.

I really like how little clubface roll he has in that top picture. When you say working from open to open being “the magic trick”, are you referring to an open clubface at p3 and an open or non rolled clubface at p4 or pv5? Or were are you referring to another part of the swing?

After banging away on Mod 1 for several months now, I’ve started to reverse engineer my swing and add a cupped wrist at the top. It’s very much a contrived move at present since I naturally flatten my left wrist very quickly in the backswing. On the rare occasion that I get it in that cupped position, it is very liberating. I have the feeling that I can turn as hard as I want and not hit it off the planet left. I do fear wiping it right however.

Is that first picture posed? That position looks very unnatural.

It is posed for sure… but shows us his intentions of what to be feeling in the swing at that point.