Tom Watson

T8 in Dubai, 68 today in the wind ties for low round of the day. The real TW is moving up my list of the best players ever big time. I hope he plays Colonial and a few other classic reg tour stops this year because he can obviously still win if the putts drop. Every time he tees it up he’s doing things that maybe even Snead didn’t do. This is history and one of the greatest athletes of all time in any sport and I’m in awe.

glad you posted this—agreed 100%—If they played classic courses with classic equipment, he might be doing even better than he is now! just awesome stuff—if overseas points counted, TomW might have a shot at the Ryder Cup LOL how cool would that be?

I agree, and certainly what he did at The Open is one of the all time great athletic accomplishments at basically 60. The fact remains that NO ONE beat him for 72 holes. It’s a tie for first in my book. Whether he wins in the playoff or loses, makes no difference in my mind…

I agree, it would be wonderful to see the tour play more of the real quality golf courses, and if things were set up correctly, you really wouldn’t need a senior tour.

From what I saw I like the setup of that course in Dubai. It was posted at 7301 yds but it was playing fast so you can pretty much throw the total yardage out the window. I’d have liked to have seen the rough up maybe an inch more but the greens were awesome. That Eagle Bermuda only holds a well struck shot and the greens were rolling beautifully at almost 12. That’s the way a golf course should be set up for a tour event. A good test for the players in a breeze and it looks pretty for the sponsors. -11 wins in a playoff, that’s good golf there.

Pretty decent interview with Watson if you can manage to tune out the interviewer… one way or another, I always love hearing his thoughts…
I love how he easily he disregards stack&tilt as a waste of time- great stuff… … 42239.html

thanks Bom—good stuff…
I was fascinated by the fact that he was only worried about ONE hole in the upcoming Open…


Probably nothing new here but I thought I’d post something Tom Watson said on another golf website.


Tom is one of the few guys from the persimmon age who has successfully been able to transfer over to the modern gear. It can be done. I remember reading a while back about how Tom had an epiphany about working into a flatter more level shoulder turn, and I think this is really good to take a lot of timing out of the swing…

Oddly enough, most of the stock modern drivers are sitting extremely upright… which is not the best way to go.
I can see that Watson’s more sweep release, or early release would work better with the super lightweight gear. With a later release, you need fast hands, which then need even faster pivot action. With a 45 inch driver or longer, this gets increasingly difficult to do properly, so most don’t and just use a “flicking hand release” full of timing and difficulty.

The modern tour players in general, would be better focusing on acceleration through impact rather than just velocity so they could better keep the ball in play. We are not seeing many great golf swings, because what is being given to them in equipment, they are leaving on the table inefficiencies within the body.