Tom Watson....the secret to golf.

Was just watching “Live From The Masters” on The Golf Channel…really good interview with Tom Watson.

Quote " In my career I started off, and went up, then fell off the cliff in 1985 and couldn’t find my swing…I didn’t have that key that worked and I struggled for a number of years. Then I found what I call the secret, which has been well documented, and it’s what I changed in my golf swing…more level shoulders, after that, the golf swing became easy after that for me, and life was good."



I assume you mean with level - just as Watson says in the video, level to the spineangle, right? We are not talking about a flat shoulder turn here?

Something i heard a couple of times now - maybe somebody can explain this to me - if you have “flat” arms in your backswing you need a steeper shoulder rotation than when you have very upright arms which can be done with a very level shoulder rotation - since it cant be both flat?

Anybody has an explanation for why we should seperate these?

This is the way I see it

Lag=more level.

Colin=not so level
Lag-flat rotation.JPG

Just thought i would let you know with regard to the shoulder rotation on the through swing and spine angle authors Lawson Mitchell and Greg Lavern of The Real Moe Norman on page 130 explain how the golf swing works like a globe.
I knew about this stuff TOM Watson is talking about since 1974 when i met the Real Moe Norman and Lawson had some previous insight with The Real Moe Norman from the late sixties before he introduced me.
Think of the golf swing working like a globe. Nothing new to The Real Moe Norman or his Authors.
If you have not bought The Real Moe Norman book I suggest you do.
Greg Lavern

The The Real Moe Norman
Authors: Lawson Mitchell
Greg Lavern

Moe had great rotation.

Hit or swing, there is no advantage to steep shoulders if you compliment a flatter rotation with the proper hinge action.
Golfers often learn steep shoulders through impact to stop OTT. But this opens up a whole other can of worms because now you have to deal with a hand flip through impact with is not impossible, but much more challenging to time it.