Toe up woods

Some wood heads seem to sit naturally toe up (on the left), whereas some sit nice and level (right).


Is it preferable to use the type that sit level? And will using the toe up type cause problems with pulls or draws?

Make sure to take a look at how the club sits relative to loft, not the cut of the grooves.
I have a few persimmons that sit perfect, but the grooves are cut in a way that makes the club appear to sit
with the toe up.

There will be a slight bit of toe dip when the club is moving near or above 100 mph… so this is one reason some of the
clubs may have been set up this way initially.

More toe dip with looser shafts of course… less with stiffer shafts.

The brain will typically make any compensations for us after a few shots or rounds… and if the toe is in fact up, you will likely see a slightly higher trajectory once your brain brings in a more open face to compensate for any hook disposition.
This would not be hugely significant, but could be a very real effect. More so with the more sophisticated ball strikers.

So when drawing the lie angle, do you measure from the grooves or the sole plate?