Titiest+ Dynaphase Pesimmon Heads

I have a set of Titliest driver, 3 and 4 woods (shafts taken out with no cracks in the necks) as well as a set of brand new Dynaphase persimmon heads (never shafted). Both for $100 plus actual Shipping. I do have the shafts for the Titliest but I think steel wood shafts are pretty cheap and these may just add to shipping.
2012-12-23 19.01.24.jpg
2012-12-23 18.40.59.jpg
2012-12-23 18.42.57.jpg
2012-12-23 18.41.54.jpg
2012-12-23 18.41.42.jpg
2012-12-23 18.41.21.jpg

Hi Macs, are you willing to ship to the UK?



Yeah as long as you pay shipping and have PayPal account for payment.