Titanium Shafts

Any opinions on titanium shafts for the woods. I have some Sandvik stiff TiShafts and am wondering the pros and cons. They are very light, like graphite, but are metal and don’t torque like graphite. Seems to me one could increase swing weight easier with these, although overall weight would be less. I may try to put it into a flattened persimmon. Any thoughts?

As long as you use the lighter shaft to re distribute weight into the head… you are fine. Nothing wrong with experimenting.
If you are holding shaft flex… then the mass of the shaft becomes part of the impact’s physics equation. Heavier shafts are fine as long as you can move them. There is a point of diminishing returns… which will vary from individual to individual…
but the actual physics of impact will favor more mass in the head given apples to apples velocity and acceleration… and more mass in the shaft is fine with apples to apples also.