Tiger Woods finally taking Lag's advice

We’re here now in another PGA Tour season with Tiger in his first tournament coming up here in the Farmers this thursday. Lag has always stated in this forum that there is nothing wrong with Tiger’s swing except that his driver is too light. Can’t feel the head. Well, he’s seen the light, and has now put in a 103 g shaft as opposed to 73g shaft in the past for better accuracy. Can’t wait to see how he does with that heavier shaft this season. I think it will help a ton. Does anyone remember when Phil Mickelson shamed him into using a graphite shaft in the early 2000 by saying he was using inferior equipment. Tiger was slam dunking the fields with his mizuno mp 14, which he just put the letters titleist on, and his steel shafted 975d driver. I think he’d have 20 majors today if used those same clubs up till today. Heavy heavy and heavy.

Actually it made him worse off the tee… With the weight all over the frying pan head he’d lose feel with a heavier shaft… Why are pros so afraid to go back to a smaller head with a steel shaft? $$$$$