Thrift Store Magic ! Wilson 4300 Tour Blocks!


Best $8.00 I spent this year ! :slight_smile:
Already had stiff shafts in them, added an inch to the butts using Lags old shaft extension trick and regripped…
ready to play a round with 'em tomorrow!


Congratulations. Very nice find.
That is exactly how I scarfed up my Powerbilt Citation driver yesterday. Found it for ONE DOLLAR on clearance at the Goodwill store. I also picked up a pristine condition Hogan Apex 8 iron. Did I need that? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, but for ONE DOLLAR, I couldn’t pass on it.

nice find dale and dharlow.

for persimmons ive also had luck with older golf shops. sometimes they’ll hide them all in a back room because they are ashamed
to put them out front. i had a guy in town who wanted me to take his whole lot (100’s of woods) for a buck each. but that was too much
to put in my garage. i picked through and found 5 or 6 really nice woods for $5 each. 2 of which were virtually unhit penna drivers- one with
a really nice leather grip. also got a citation 3 wood like dharlow’s driver, in really good shape.

this week i found a macgregor spur putter from the early 50’s with original grip for $3. some guy on ebay is selling an identical one for $160, although
i don’t think he’ll get that much. hogan used the same model except his was made in the 40’s.

Thanks team!
These scavenger hunts are addictive!!
My girl friend thinks I am off my rocker since I am always
Wanting to run around to these places hunting for gear!
Cool thing is way cheaper than going to the movies
And at the end if the day you have something to show
For it!!!

Yesterday was the first day that I had gone out specifically to find old golf clubs. It was very much fun. I can see where it would be addicting. I would think there are those who hit the yardsales for the same reason. They are harder to locate though.