Thrift Shop Mac's

Found these PT2’s recently for $16. 2-PW. Mac PT2 CF4000 with Propel 2 shafts and leather grips. All intact and very decent condition. I will do a refurb and have the lofts / lies adjusted to my specs. Anybody play these? I played Hogans for years so this is my first foray into the world of vintage MacGregors. Thought these would be fun to mess with. They look cool anyway. 1959?


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Nice find, your hands are going to love you.

Full set for $16? Definitely get them - I don’t see any downside. Even if you hate them, it’d be very easy to recoup more than $16 for those.

These are turning out nicely. Buffed out, refilled logos, reconditioned grips, checked lofts and lie. (7i @ 36* loft & 58* lie) lastly hit in my net. They felt great. Can’t wait to try on course.


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Well sir, been practicing with these 59’ Macs in my net several weeks. Today, on the course with my new modern Cobra FLYZ’ irons I could not feel the club head during the swing. Next round will be with the Macs. Those I can feel. They talk to me with a sweet smack or stinging rebuke in my hands and I can tell where the head is during the swing. 15.8 (Mac) vs.13 oz(Cobra) per club difference.

Any suggestions re: changing out the leather grips to modern velvets? The leather wraps as they are nice and kind of hate to disturb the originality. But hey, I want to play these.

I prefer leather over rubber grips. Leather is generally firmer and gives you more feel in your hands. They also encourage a tighter grip of the hands on the club. And if you treat them regularly they will last almost indefinitely.

Thanks sir. Great advice.

Concur with NRG, leave those puppies on they look in good shape. What I do is clean with Lexol cleaner, spray and let soak in for a good while, then spray again and scrub with stiff bristle nail brush like you might find at an auto store for mechanics cleaning their hands- that’s where I found mine. Rinse well with warm water, let air dry, then the secret sauce…

…I then put, usually the next day, a light coat of either neatsfoot oil, or baseball glove oil, which is close to the same thing, maybe another coat the next day and just let dry naturally. Not totally sure if this is recommended practice, but it suits me just fine. Lag might have more expertise than I how to care for leather though.

…Nothing like it, especially in warm humid weather they will stick to your hands like glue, just like a baseball would stick in the glove’s pocket. Your hand is leather, the grip is leather, all’s good.


Many thanks Sir! More I play these, more I like.

Strike that, make it LessMurray I concur with, but I think they’re cousins so it works…lol.

Update…goodness…after playing these today I don’t know if I’ll every go back to anything else but old MAC’S. The feel, response, control, flight. Shall I say more? May sell off my new Cobras and invest in more. Played Hogans for years and everything else but man oh man I see why ya’ll are crushing on these. Fore.

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If you know someone who knows how to grind irons, you might want to consider having some camber ground onto the soles. These are great clubs and when I worked at MacGregor in high school and college, many local club pros who played this model had the soles cambered. They not only looked great, but I overheard many of them say they played better, too, especially going through the rough. Just a thought.

Kind thanks. I am going to look into grinding these!