Thoughts On Modern Day Grips?

Just curious as to what people think of today’s grips? Too large, too small? Too soft? Etc?

I think going with Lag’s theme of heavier clubs I’d probably be a little weary of having bigger grips because that would make the swing weight feel a little lighter.

Just my .02.


How about the “wrong” shape? Ever tried grips that are reverse tapered?

Personally I think most people simply “default” to regular sized grips when they’re actually too small in some cases. Ever see a set of clubs off the rack with anything but a standard sized grip? Obviously a lot of it relates to hand size but I think it’s a fitting area that’s overlooked area by many.

I use mid-sized grips… feels like it’s easier to hang on to and slightly lessens the tendency to get “handsy”. They might affect the swingweight by 1 or 2 points(?), nothing some lead tape can’t handle if they get too swingweight light. My irons are still in the D2 range with midsize grips on.

Can’t handle the Winn products at all- give me old-fashioned rubber composite anyday.

My setup with grips is all over the place. Driver, woods and long bows are undersized for more wrist pop. Mid irons are standard which for me is .580 on a .600 with one extra wrap. Scoring irons are as big as a house for less wrist. My favorite of all time is the Lamkin Tour Wrap. Saw that Lag is looking for the Crown Cords. I have my posse looking for them.

No, I haven’t tried them. Have you?

One of the reasons why I’m asking about grips is that I tweaked my grip a tad, making it a little weaker and since I’ve been using the 985’s, they have some old Golf Pride grips that are standard size or about. I’ve been fitted for +1/32" grips, but I’m really liking these old Golf Pride grips.

But, the reverse taper grip sounds interesting.


I don’t like wearing a glove so I like a lot of cord in my grips…
I also like my grips very firm or even hard, not soft or spongy.

I have tried them. I regripped an old 7 iron with a reverse tapered grip. I was not brave enough to go full monty on it though. What I like about them is that it is easier to get the thinner butt end under the heel pad and the right forefinger has something more substantial to feel. I have smaller-sized hands (I used to fool myself by wearing medium cadet gloves, now I just wear small!) so when I tried to get the grip under the heel pad I either got it in the fingers (too strong) or too much in the palm (too weak.) To me securing the club under the left hand heel pad (with room for some variance) is step one. My tendency would be not to have sufficient angle between the left forearm and club (too high in the hand would tend to produce a slightly uncocked left hand at address) This invariably led to a shut clubface with less than optimal wrist cock. All of that from the grip! I have found it useful to have smaller grips with it built up where the right hand is placed. This first occured to me when I took my golf grip with a baseball bat!

I’ve recently been using old clubs that have old leather grips. At first, they seemed thin, hard, and not very tacky. Now, I really like the feel. I play without gloves, so now, whenever I use the ones with rubber grips, it feels way too grippy/rubbery/tacky … even a bit rough. I’ve also gotten used to the thinner size, it makes me feel the weight of the head more, and allows me to be more handsy with my shots. I also like that it feels more tapered, instead of bulgy and spongy.

Too bad there aren’t any cheap leather grips for sale. :smiley:

I found some GripMaster grips at a local shop today. Ummm… Wow… Those things are tacky. I feel like the club would stick to my hand even if I am not holding the club.
I would strongly encourage someone to trying them out.

I haven’t tried one yet, are they mushy at all? I’m scooping up all the old Neumanns I can find and I got some Lamkins on the way too even though those were a little soft. The GMs look soft and mushy and like they wouldn’t be a tight wrap since it’s a pre-wrap plus they’re expensive. How do they compare to the Neumann Calf’s if you have tried them? Thx

I have a Neumann and a GripMaster right next to me. The two grips are the wraps, I would honestly say they feel exactly the same except for the GM being tackier. The Neumann is also not old, it is fairly new, it is on a refinished 693. I have another GM grip, a stitchback, which is nearly exactly the same maybe being a point softer/spongier, whatever you want to call it. I have always preferred harsh/rough cord grips and I am going to try the GMs. They feel really good and tacky. Let me know if I can answer anythign else on the grip, I just found them in a box way in the back.

I think Best Grips makes the, well, best grip in golf. I prefer leather any way and these grips are outstanding. Best Grips used to be the US Distributor for GripMaster Australia, under the trademark of GripMasterUSA. Best Grips is no longer affiliated with GripMaster AU but they still have their stock of the GripMaster grips, both in club and putter. The owner of Best Grips, Harry Sewill, provides the absolute best customer service you will find. He stands behind his product and is a pleasure to work with. I am waiting for my prototypes of the new club grip underlisting and Best Grip baseball stitch club grip. While these are a little pricey, these grips will last much longer than the rubber/synthetic wrap grips do. I have had the GripMaster leather wrap grip on my clubs for over 2 years now and they are as tacky as the day I put them on. Of course I have not played much but they have not worn one bit.

As long as Best Grip and Harry are selling grips, you can be certain that his, and only his, grips will be on my clubs. To me product quality, customer service, and outstanding relationships earn my business. Best Grips exhibit all three.