Thoughts on best golf shoes

Have not owned a pair of golf shoes in a very long time. If I play or practice, I have just been using regular tennis shoes.

How damaging is this to the swing we are trying to develop?

Any suggestions on which shoes design wise would be the best, other than steel spikes?


I wear the Footjoy AQL. You can get steel spikes to fit them.

Footjoy AQL.jpg

You’ll find that a lot of us on here are partial toward FootJoy classics. They haven’t been manufactured for a few years, but they are easy to find in new or good condition on ebay and they last forever. There are some new alternatives worth looking into as well. The FJ classics are popular because they are all leather with stiff leather soles. They’re also much heavier than most popular shoe designs. A good pair of classics, even with soft spikes, will provide a better base than lightweight, flexible shoes.

Obviously, if you can practice and play in shoes with stiff soles and steel spikes, that would be optimal. Unfortunately, none of the courses I play regularly will allow steel spikes, so I rarely wear them. I’ve also had to compromise on the FJ classics since starting college golf, because I can’t walk 36 holes in them without tearing my feet up too badly to walk 18 more the next day. Lately I’ve been wearing True Linkswear shoes a lot, which are very lightweight, relatively flexible, and spikeless. They are much more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, especially in the summer, but there is a definite trade-off in terms of stability. If I only played cart golf, or never needed to walk more than 18 holes on consecutive days, I would wear a more traditional design exclusively.

I’ve learned how to walk on concrete in spikes without making a sound, it’s a skill in itself.

Nice NRG!
How many modules would it take to learn such a Skill? :laughing: I wear the Foot Joy Classics :smiley:


It’s covered in module 9.

Traction in the right foot is most critical. With that in place, one can pressure through transition with more confidence and apply optimal acceleration through the strike. If the right foot slips, it’s usually not a good thing. Flatter and more rotationally driven swings put greater lateral and twisting pressures into the feet. I haven’t thoroughly looked into what is out there in modern golf shoes. I remember Mike Maves doing some research into it a few years back… so some of the “Dirters” might have some insight into what he came up with.

I’m still baffled that both the R and A and USGA stand firm that steel spikes are legal golf shoes. But what other sport are legal shoes banned from use at 99% of the venues… and even some of their own events? Lee Janzen was DQed from US Open qualifying last year for wearing legal steel spike shoes. Baffling, yes.