This weight distribution on an iron.......

This weight distribution on an iron…

… with a thin sole and mass moved up from the sole (right behind the ball!?), seemingly quite popular in the 1950s …

… will it bring my ball flight down (which is what I am after)?

Yes, it should bring it down slightly.
The forces of impact at the clubhead can be pretty violent… so the more mass behind the sweetspot, the less the clubface distorts backwards when struck. Stiff shafts are also a significant factor. Learning to hold shaft flex is even more.

Thank you for your reply. Should be a fun project for the off-season to try and find a nice set like that.

This set is good slight, would not have to shaft. Has propel 1 stiff shafts, add grips. … 58a5723aa2

Thank you! I saw this set this morning. The only thing that stopped me from jumping on these was the missing 10 iron. I may still go ahead with these though.

Or I may just get a single at first. I can’t wait to try these or similar (but I will, because I am not going to experiment in the very limited time I have left this season). I am thrilled with the idea of dropping the fat part of those clubs on the ball.